SUPERBRIGHT Professional Washing and Cleaning of Your Car

SUPERBRIGHT Mobile Detailing of LOS ANGELES specializes in detailing, steam cleaning, paint correction, ceramic pro and odor removal. Whether at your home or office, we provide the highest quality of workmanship. Our mobile vans are fully equipped with our own water and power, unlike our competitors who require you to provide electric or water. Properly maintaining your vehicle improves its appearance and increases its value.

Here at SUPERBRIGHT we take every possible step to ensure that your vehicle is washed in the safest and most gentle process possible. We prep every vehicle to ensure that any of the damaging particles that would possibly damage a vehicle’s finish are removed with high pressure prior to entering the tunnel wash process.

We believe that the most efficient and safest way to wash a vehicle is by hand using mild detergents. Washing your car too late can destroy the finish on your vehicle while stripping off protective waxes, leaving the painted surfaces vulnerable to damage from environmental factors.

After the vehicle is prepped for washing, thick mild detergents are foamed onto the vehicle and mitted in to lift the dirt off of the vehicle. Then the vehicle proceeds through the tunnel to receive any extra waxes to protect and shine the vehicle, followed by a fresh water rinse.

After the car passes through the finishing step in the tunnel, the blowers, the finishing employees towel dry the vehicle with microfiber towels, blow the water out of the mirrors, and thoroughly clean all windows.



Our Mission, Vision, Values.

More like it was the first of its kind in the state, serving customers looking for a high quality car wash. a reasonable price, with friendly relationship.

  • Safty: Use all senses and take action
  • Integrity: Stay honest; do what’s right
  • Fun: Connect, compete, and laugh
  • Teamwork: Help others before they ask any help to us.

Inspiring People to Shine

Everyday we strive to create the best possible experience for both our new customers and our carwash members. It’s not just part of our culture, it is our culture by listening to you. and applying the principles.

Our Purpose

Create smiles & lifetime customers.

Our Vision

To be the Service Industry Leader.

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Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St,
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Monday – Friday
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