A ceramic coating in LOS ANGELES is definitely a great option for your car, as it provides light protection as well as a permanent candy-gloss shine. However, you should never do it yourself a ceramic coating, since it requires a fairly skilled professional to apply properly. … At the end of the day, you want your car to look its finest. CALL SUPERBRIGHT TODAY AND BOOK YOUR FREE CERAMIC COATING ESTIMATE.


How long does ceramic coating last?

Two to Ten years
With proper care and maintenance, your coating should last two to ten years.


How much does ceramic coating cost?

Depending on the size and condition of your vehicle, the quality of ceramic coating you get, and assuming that you go to a well reputable company, get ready to spend anywhere from $1500 to $5000. The average well-used car will cost around $2,000 while a brand new car would cost around $1500. CALL US TODAY FOR OUR MONTHLY SPECIALS ON CERAMIC COATING INSTALLATIONS



How do I wash my car after ceramic coating?

Implement Safe Wash Methods
Use some sort of Pre-Wash Or Snow Foam before coming in contact with the paint.
Use a Two Bucket Wash Method at the very least.
Use a good quality Microfiber Wash Mitt.
Use Grit Guards Where Possible.
When drying your car use a dedicated detailing towel or a blower.

How do you maintain ceramic coating?

Tip #1: Wash Your Car Every Two Weeks. …
Tip #2: Use the Two-Bucket Car Wash Method. …
Tip #3: Use a Ceramic Coating Specific Car Shampoo. …
Tip #4: Do Not Wash the Vehicle in Direct Sunlight. …
Tip #5: Use Separate Car Wash Supplies for Wheels and Tires.

Which is better ceramic coating or PPF?

Ceramic Coatings are a much more permanent solution. … The PPF offers optimum protection from rock chip damage and scratches while Ceramic Coating over the top will provide glossiness, hydrophobicity and cleaning ease.


What is the advantage of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating offers good protection to the car’s surface. The nano-coating can protect the car from most scratches, dirt and chemical contaminants. Ceramic coating also doesn’t have any side-effects to the original paint. Ceramic coating also lasts longer than regular paint.

Does ceramic coating prevent rock chips?

Although ceramic coatings can prevent against minor scratches, it does not provide adequate protection from rock chips. Due to the force, speed and unique dimensions of rock chips and road projectiles, they can damage the ceramic coat and create damage in the protective coat.

How often should you wash a ceramic coated car?

every two weeks
Maintenance Washing

We recommend that customers maintain a wash routine that consists of a proper hand wash at least every two weeks. As your coating becomes covered with dirt and contamination, you will notice a decrease in hydrophobic properties (i.e. water beading & sheeting).

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